Monday, September 2, 2013

The Rainbow

It spreads its colours everywhere,
           the rainbow hanging in the sky.
It spreads its cheer everywhere,
           the rainbow smiling in the sky.

All the colours were on parade,
          all the colours very clearly arrayed.
Violet and red, orange and blue,
          green comes with yellow
          wearing a dress so new.

With bright eyes it smiles at the sun,
          peeping from the clouds seems so much fun.

They bow down to the earth
          in a gentle sweep.
Up there among the clouds,
          where they play hide and seek.

The wren sees it from its nest
          in the deep glens.
The bear sees it with its cubs,
          from its earthy dens.

       The beaver stops his work
          besides the river stream.
The swans wake up in their flight
          as if from a dream.

It arches itself like
          a bridge in the sky,
Where the angels walk
          and quickly go by.

It will go away
          as quickly as it came.
The rainbow in the sky,
          like a crown on a dame.

© 2013 Abhijit Pandit