Monday, June 17, 2013

Waiting for you

I opened my eyes, but you were not there.
I was left alone, awake with despair.
Alone as the dark night, lonely without the amorous moon!!
Alone as the dark room, drowned in its own gloom!!

The cold winds howled outside, made me lonelier still.
Oh dreams, they will not come to me tonight,
for they only wake up behind closed eyes.

How will l see you in my dreams, I know not.
For me there will be no sleep tonight and no dreams either.
The slumber has gone out of me,
leaving me awake, a wretched creature.

The sun will once again brighten the day,
and fill every heart with its rays.
For me the day will pass just as it came,
and night will follow soon, leaving me awake.

There will be no moments for me,
for you have taken them away from me, far with you,
where my voice will not be heard,
and neither can my eyes see you.

I will pass the days and wait for your return,
just as the stars wait for the moon to come.
They will burn there, burn all the time,
just as I burn without you in your absence.

Sitting by the candle that burns in its own heat,
I will be there waiting for you.

© 2013 Abhijit Pandit