Friday, March 22, 2013

On the seashore

The sun dipped on the western shores, as the sky wore a crimson decor,
evening held the sky in its arms tender, as terns took to the air singing a sweet lore.

The tides kissed the sands ashore and the story of love was told once more,
waves washed the rocks with thick foam, bathing them with a mighty roar.

The waves will take the story very deep,
where the mermaids will sing it and put little fishes to sleep.

The hues of the evening descended into your eyes,
where dreams still fly with delicate wings and soaring high.

The moon held its head high with the stars peeping close by,
birds flocked together gently. Oh, how quickly they flew by!!!
Watching the earth below from his heavenly abode, the moon shed a silvery light,
the shore lay in front of us dressed in a sheet of milky white.

The cool winds embraced us with soft and gentle hands,
we lay watching the scenes before us sitting on a carpet of cool sands.

© 2013 Abhijit Pandit