Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Face in the Mist

I was among the hills once more,
their crests, silent and still,
nestled between the clouds,
wrapped in profound silence,
lay scattered in the land yonder.

The road that wound on to them,
entwining them, like the arms of a lover,
I walked on now... walked in sweet memories.

The mist that hung on those lusty roads,
clung on to me, like the embrace of your arms,
soft and tender.

In that mist, I saw you,
the delicate contours of your face,
forming in the swirling mist.
The thin hair of yours,
flowing away in the wind.
Your face, soft as moonlight,
smiling upon me,
arresting me with your love.

Now it will melt away in the sun,
and the scheming rays will take you away from me.
Oh, how I despise you, O cruel sun !!
O jealous sun, burning away with envy !!
With all your bright rays, you cannot paint for me,
the picture of my beloved.
The beloved, whose face I saw in the mist,
The beloved, which you have taken away from me.

© 2013 Abhijit Pandit