Monday, September 10, 2012

The Day Dawns

I look up, as night, slowly loosens
            her grip on the sky.
Closing slowly, the moon’s eye
            through which she saw time flying by.

Watching her spread the wings of dusk,
            flying through the passage of time,
I thought, I knew, to where she was heading.
            leaving one world, entering the other,
Putting an end to the evenings that were now fading.

Sure was I of the black colored garment of darkness,
            that would add to the beauty of night.
For I knew, she would not challenge nature’s might.

And then comes the radiant sun god,
      Mounted on the golden chariot that flies forth.
Tearing through the curtain of mist that hangs on,
      Piercing the sky that has the due of dawn.
Giving rise to a new day that would bring hope to people forlorn.

Then, passing the zenith, setting on the horizon,
it will go through the same path as it came along.

And then another dusk would dawn, and another night
would come bounding along.

And so it will continue as time passes on and on,
And the clocks of the world will tick on and on,
                                                On and on, on and on…..

© 2012 Abhijit Pandit